ALI, one of the first companies established under San Marino law, obtains legal recognition and begins its activity building a lime production plant in Gualdicciolo. Over time it expands its activity in the field of building materials and finally specializes in traditionally laid wood flooring.


    ALI launches PreMass, the first prefinished solid wood parquet with a high precision processing.


    ALI introduces a floor made of solid Koto wood, peeled, dyed throughout its thickness and pre-assembled, in many different and attractive colours. This product was immediately appreciated, since it could be polished again at the job-site without losing its original colour. The natural evolution of that product is represented today by PreMass Color, prefinished solid wood parquet dyed throughout its thickness, available in 10 different colours.


    A project of architects Renato Toso and Noti Massari leads to the creation of PreMass Intarsi: a PreMass strip enriched by 11 laser-cut decorative motifs made of PreMass Color segments.


    ALI's laboratories develop SuperPreMass: a prefinished large size solid wood panel made of noble wood, worked with very high precision.


    ALI introduces PreMass and SuperPreMass Cornici to add exquisite decoration to the parquet: prefinished solid wood panels with traditional decorative motifs inlaid through the piece.


    ALI presents PreMass Cover, which is characterized by a unique surface treatment.


    ALI introduces the Woodì range and enters the field of prefinished multilayer wood flooring.
    At the SaieDue exhibition ALI presents SuperPreMass Glamour, a product made of Oak wood, with a 14 mm thick noble layer and a size of 90x600÷1000 mm. Its peculiarity lays in the surface colouring, available in eight different shades, applied to the deep vein pattern of the parquet strip.


    ALI research did not stop in these recent years and led to considerably broaden the PreMass and SuperPreMass ranges with the Trend and Living lines.
    Trend is a solid wood floor, micro-bevelled on all four sides, with a matt finish varnish, which allows to preserve the natural beauty of the wood.
    Living is instead obtained with a unique surface processing : surface is brushed and then finished with a matt varnish, all four sides are micro-bevelled.


    In order to answer to the current trend which prefers the coloured parquets, ALI introduces the collection 4Seasons in its line SuperPreMass; 4Seasons is different from the other products because of the particular surface finish of the wooden element and consequent application of surface colouring. It is available in four colours: Naturale, Coffee, Tea, Milk, which, due to delicate and refined tones, remind of nature’s colours in the four seasons.


    It is introduced on market PreMass Glamour. This product, already available in the big size SuperPreMass Glamour, is realized in the kind of wood Oak and has a hardwood thickness of 10 mm, width of 70 mm and length of 450mm. Special feature of PreMass Glamour is the surface colouring, available in four different shades, which is applied to the deep vein pattern of the parquet panel.
    ALI is proud of the participation in many prestigious realisations; the most important ones are mentioned in the following: "New Auditorium" (projected by Renzo Piano Building Workshop) and "Palazzo Brancaccio" in Rome; "Mole Antonelliana" in Turin (Architects Gianfranco Gritella and Antes Bortolotti); "Palazzo dei Congressi e della Cultura" in San Benedetto del Tronto (Engineer Cesare Bonfigli); "Palazzo del Governo della Repubblica di San Marino" (Architect Gae Aulenti); "Nuovo Teatro Politeama" in Poggibonsi (Architect Adolfo Natalini), "Casinò" in Campione d'Italia (Architect Mario Botta), renovation of "Palazzo Reale" in Milan (Architect Alberico Belgioioso).